Tom Hardy’s Taboo Premiere Scores 3.4 Million Viewers with Delayed Viewing

by John Evans

As traditional television service becomes more and more a thing of the past, networks are looking for new ways to measure the success and profitability of their shows. Under Nielsen’s “Live + 3 Day” TV ratings metric (live ratings plus delayed viewership on various on-demand and streaming platforms in the three days since the live airing of an episode), the premiere episode of Tom Hardy’s Taboo has earned an incredible 101 percent increase in viewers age 18-49. The FX original series, which was created by Tom Hardy and his father Chips, first aired on January 10th. On the 10th, the program was viewed by 2.2 million viewers, but the number swelled to 3.43 million by the end of the 72 hour window.

This dark and fascinating new series likely drew in more viewers due to positive reviews and word of mouth, causing more people than usual to tune in during a time of the year when new television content is sparse and viewers are still getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season. It will be interesting to see if the live ratings for Episode Two will also see a boost in viewership, or if Taboo will continue to do a lot of its business in delayed viewing. We sure do live in an interesting time period for television, where great new content can be consumed- and rewarded- in a variety of different and convenient formats.

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