Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott, and Stephen Knight to Follow ‘Taboo’ with ‘A Christmas Carol’ Adaptation

by John Evans

Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), and Stephen Knight (Peaky Blinders) recently collaborated on the historical supernatural/suspense drama Taboo, which aired on FX stateside and on BBC across the pond. The series featured Hardy’s signature intense and nuanced performance alongside Scott’s and Knight’s knack for storytelling. Taboo will fortunately be returning for another season, but the talented trio also have an additional project on their plates: the group will now adapt A Christmas Carol and several other books by Charles Dickens for BBC One.

The current plan is for the series to begin airing in 2019. Stephen Knight had the following to say in a press release cited by The Wrap about the announcement:

“Any question about narrative storytelling is answered by Dickens. To have the chance to revisit the text and interpret in a new way is the greatest privilege. We need luck and wisdom to do this justice.”

Ridley Scott also expressed his excitement for the project:

“It’s terrific to be continuing the creative partnership of Scott Free London with Tom and Steve that started with Taboo and continues with this exciting and ambitious anthology of British classics.”

Tom Hardy followed up with his appreciation for the source material and his eagerness to begin the project:

“It’s extremely exciting to have the opportunity to team up with Ridley Scott, Steven Knight and our partners at the BBC with this rare and wonderful opportunity to revisit and interpret Dickens’ classic works. A Christmas Carol is a fabulous magical piece of theatre and an embarrassment of riches for our creative team – from character all the way through to design. Here’s to having a lot of intricate and wonderful fun. We feel very lucky.”

Hardy’s fans are also very lucky! Those who have seen what this group is capable of with Taboo know that we’re going to be treated to a very different kind of A Christmas Carol from anything we’ve ever seen before. Over the years, the classic text has had its fair share of creepy portrayals of the ghosts of Christmas; but Hardy will likely take things much further. It has not yet been confirmed if Hardy will appear in A Christmas Carol or any of the other Dickens adaptations, so here’s hoping he ends up finding his way on screen!

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more details on Season Two of Taboo and on the creative team’s upcoming horror-related Dickens adaptations as soon as they break!




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