Toho Planning New Godzilla Feature For Next November

by Thomas Tuna

Blow out the candles, big guy!

Toho Co. is celebrating Godzilla’s 70th birthday by announcing a new major film project involving the giant lizard. Check out the Twitter post that makes the official proclamation on this page.

The first Godzilla movie landed in theaters across Japanese Nov. 3, 1954, and ever since, fans have set aside this day to celebrate what that event has meant to them. And now, Toho has given those fans a monstrous birthday present.

The new feature is now in the works, according to Toho, but very few details have been released. What is known is that director Takahashi Yamazaki (Parasyte) is attached to the film, and the planned release date is Nov. 3 (of course) of next year.

With so many questions hanging over this project, keep reading Horror News Network for future updates on this new Godzilla film.


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