Todd McFarlane Updates ‘Spawn’ Reboot, Says He Won’t Direct

by Thomas Tuna

Sometimes you gotta let someone else drive.

Todd McFarlane is still struggling to get the reboot of 1997’s Spawn in front of the cameras, and while progress has been made (slowly but surely) as of late, the Spawn comic book creator will not sit in the director’s chair for this film.

McFarlane–who has said he hopes to have a script “we can sell by mid-year”–has acknowledged he won’t be at the helm when all the pieces are in place. Several of those key pieces are screenwriters Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon–as well as star Jamie Foxx, who is still attached to the Blumhouse Productions project.

But, as McFarlane recently told, “my original plan got tripped up a bit. You’re bringing on A-list people, and the film will continue to grow. You’re going to sell it to a studio, and they won’t want a low-budget movie with all of these big name people on it.”

Then, he added, “once they say yes, the chance is that they buy multiple movies up-front. They’re not going to want a first-time director. They’re going to have a lot of risk, and they’re going to want to get a professional director. I knew this was part of the reality.”

With all that being said, fans can expect further updates on the screenplay and additional casting–and, of course, on the director–before much longer.

The original Spawn–starring Michael Jai White as the hellish Image Comics anti-hero–was directed by Mark A.Z. Dippe from a screenplay by Alan B. McElroy. The film follows the murdered Lt. Col. Al Simmons–who is resurrected as Spawn, the reluctant leader of Hell’s legions.

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