Todd McFarlane Announces Philip Tan’s Return to ‘Spawn’

by John Evans

Todd McFarlane just posted a typical video on Instagram of him inking Issue 305 of Spawn, but there is nothing typical about the announcement he makes at the end of the clip! In the video, McFarlane Announces that Jason Shawn Alexander’s last issue will be Issue 305, and that Philip Tan will return to penciling duties starting with Issue 306:

“We’ve got some pages that I’m doing. We’ve got some pages that Philip Tan’s doing. Philip Tan’s gonna be jumping on board, doing a couple issues here. Unfortunately, sad news on Jason Shawn Alexander: this (#305) will be his last issue because he’s doing a great job on Killadelphia. If you haven’t seen that book, go take a look at Image.”

Philip Tan made his debut on Spawn with a variant cover for Issue 150. He then completed a fan-favorite run of covers and interior pencils from issues 151-164. The talented artist has since worked on such popular series as Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin, Hawkman, and Suicide Squad Rebirth with Jim Lee. Tan has illustrated numerous Spawn covers throughout the years since Issue 164, but Spawn 306 will mark Tan’s first interior work on Spawn in 13 years.

Image’s website has an official synopsis for Spawn Issue 306, which hints at what Mr. Tan has in store for readers:

“Fan-favorite artist PHILIP TAN returns to illustrate a dark vision of the future.“PROPHECY OF DEATH,” Part One The future is full of terrors, all unleashed by Al Simmons! A strange new threat unravels as the origin of the all-new Ninja Spawn begins.”

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