Tim DeKay Cast in ‘Frankenstein’

by Lynn Sorel

Tim DeKay (White Collar) has been cast in Fox’s upcoming ‘Frankenstein’ pilot. He will co-star with Rob Kazinksy, who is cast as Frankenstein. Philip Baker Hall has also been cast to play the older version of Kazinsky’s character.Rand Ravich and Howard Gordon are behind the new Mary Shelly inspired drama, about a retired cop (Hall) who is resurrected from the dead.The morally corrupt Ray Pritchard is given a second chance at life, in a younger, stronger body, and must choose between his old ways and a more meaningful life. The new Prichard, an ex Marine and L.A. County Sheriff, teams up with his son Duval Pritchard (DeKay) who is an FBI Agent. However, his mind is still that of the 75 year old curmudgeon.

Source: Deadline

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