The Year After Infection Review

by Larry Dwyer

“The Year after Infection” is a heavily character-driven film asking us to take a look at what life might be like after the zombie apocalypse. The movie is broken out into four different stories cleverly titled, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and “Winter”. The first story centers on a woman who is surviving alone with only her zombie boyfriend to keep her company. Next is a gang of campers who are trying to make their way to freedom by use of a river. Then we’re shown the story of some survivors who are lucky enough to have a doctor in their midst. The final story is of a loner who finds companionship in a child he finds living alone in a house in the woods.

While the movie tends to drag, it certainly doesn’t lack charm and creativity. First-time writer/director Antonio Greco weaves an interesting tale of fear and survival that culminates in quite a nice little surprise at the close. The majority of the acting leaves something to be desired in most spots but that is to be expected from an indie with a limited budget. What you hope for with a film like this is bright spots and there are bright spots in this flick. The fact that this is Antonio Greco’s first crack at writing and directing a feature leaves me hopeful for his future; he has some really good ideas and he knows how to get them across on film. Also, actor Julian Thomas really shined in his role as Marcus, the loner who befriends the child in the “Winter” segment.

If you happen to catch “The Year after Infection”, don’t expect tons of action or piles of gore. You’ll get some action but you’re not going to get hordes of sprinting zombies chasing Ving Rhames through a mall. And you’re going to get some gore but you’re not going to get a crowd of zombies ripping poor David in half as he hangs out the window at The Winchester Pub (if you know what I mean).

What you will get is a solid first effort by a young film-maker looking to make his bones in the industry; sometimes that’s enough for me. Check it out.

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