‘The Wretched’ Scares Up ‘Titanic’ Weekend At Box Office

by Thomas Tuna

No doubt about it: The Wretched is this season’s box office and drive-in king. At least so far.

The IFC Films horror entry topped the box office again last weekend–making it only the fifth film since 1997 to be the leading moneymaker for five consecutive weekends–according to Forbes.

The other four movies–Titanic (1997), The Sixth Sense (1999), Avatar (2009) and Black Panther (2018)–all ended up being legitimate blockbusters, but none of them a true horror film.

The movie–written and directed by Brett and Drew Pierce–earned another $181,000 over this last weekend in 75 (mostly) drive-in theaters, an increase from the 59 theaters showing the hit movie the previous weekend.

The Wretched also is available now to watch on-demand on such platforms as Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play.

All this success began back on March 1, when The Wretched debuted in just 12 theaters, raking in $66,000 in its first weekend. By last Thursday, the film had grossed $660,000 in its first 28 days.

With this last weekend’s take added to the total gross, The Wretched will have accounted for more than $840,000 in box office tills.

Several big movie chains–including Regal and AMC–are now saying they will likely open their doors in July (perhaps with social-distancing restrictions), but the question is will the viewing public feel comfortable going to enclosed movie theaters. If moviegoers are hesitant to return to indoor theaters, the popularity of The Wretched may keep them patronizing their local drive-ins for the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t seen The Wretched yet, the storyline (as reported here in Horror News Network) follows a teenage boy, Ben, who moves in with his father after his parents’ divorce. But he quickly becomes entangled in a supernatural war against a thousand-year-old witch who has possessed the next-door neighbor.

Keep reading Horror News Network to find out if The Wretched continues its surprising success at those huge drive-in screens.

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