‘The Wretched’ Scares Up Audiences At Drive-Ins

by Thomas Tuna

Drive-in theaters have become a large part of the “new normal” for movie (and horror) lovers in these COVID-19 days.

And the big draw at the nation’s drive-ins the past two weeks has been (believe it or not) a new horror entry, The Wretched, according to numbers released by Box Office Mojo.

The “creature feature”–released by IFC Midnight to a dozen drive-ins as well as video-on-demand at the beginning of the month–had already expanded its scope to 20 drive-ins by last weekend.

And horror fans have piled into their cars and trucks to catch the film’s spine-tingling thrills (read Sean McLaughlin’s review right here in Horror News Network).

The movie–the second horror feature from the writer/director brother team of Brett and Drew Pierce–was the No. 1 drive-in attraction for the second consecutive week, a rare feat for a horror film. The first feature from the brothers was 2011’s Deadheads.

According to the numbers, The Wretched has grossed nearly $160,000 so far this month, including the $63,000 it raked in last weekend alone. The movie’s competition–all from IFC Midnight, by the way–trails badly at the box office.

The Wretched is expected to be shown in even more drive-ins before the end of the month. Additionally, New York drive-ins apparently are trying to get into the action. The state recently gave the thumbs-up to start reopening those huge outdoor screens May 15.

As explained by the filmmakers, The Wretched follows the escapades of seven college students who travel to an abandoned farm to conduct a soil research experiment. But they soon find out something very disturbing about the area.

They awaken a long-forgotten curse and quickly discover the truth behind the facade, as they unravel secrets that were buried and left for dead. The curse calls out louder and louder, forcing the students to solve the puzzle before they fall victims to “the wretched souls damned by the land’s false history”.

Keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on the drive-in success of The Wretched.

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