The Wraith: Welcome to Chirstmasland #6 Review

By: Christine Caprilozzi


The Wraith: Welcome to Chirstmasland #6 Review 

Writer: Joe Hill

Artist: CP Wilson 

Publisher: IDW

Release Date: May 14, 2014

Rating: 8 out of 10


Synopsis: A laughing malevolent moon rises over Christmasland, and turns red snow black, as Agnes Claiborne and Chess Llewellyn make a final doomed, desperate run for freedom. Every cruel child is on the hunt for them; every cruel ride is engineered for their destruction. As if that wasn’t bad enough, King Geek is looking to claim a new title for himself… as the new Lord of Christmasland!

Our Thoughts: Where to begin? For fans of The Wraith: Welcome to Christmas land series, expect nothing less than a full on brutal assault of our horror senses.  Joe Hill’s masterful execution of balancing the story driven horror, with the gruesome imagery and violent scenarios is one of the reasons why he is considered one of the most outstanding horror writers out there today.  As the reader is brought through this issue with Chess and Agnes, their fate is kept very unclear right down to the end.  By the way, Agnes may be old, but she’ll kick your ass quicker than you can say Chuck Norris.

CP Wilson and colorist Jay Fotos do an outstanding job creating this gritty, spooky and downright chaotic roller coaster ride through Christmasland. With only one more issue to go in the series, comic fans are left waiting in anticipation of what Hill and company could possibly be cooking up for the finale.

Out on May15th, The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #6 is one that horror comic fans should not miss.


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