The Westwood Witches #4 Review

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Title: The Westwood Witches #4
Writer: El Torres
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Release Date: Available now
Sub-Genre: Witches
Score: 8/10

Synopsis: The final episode! This is the final showdown between Jack the writer and the Witches of Westwood! What horrible price was paid by Jack back in his childhood that haunts him even today? Nightmarish revelations will be made – past, present and future – unveiled in the whole tapestry of this horror tale of modern witchcraft!

Our Thoughts: El Torres has done it again! This guy continues to bring his “A” game to horror comics and he is proving to be one of the great writers for our genre again and again. The finale of The Westwood Witches is no exception.

Many horror stories rely on mystery and twists to carry the tale. As fans of horror we have all come to expect that and tend to have just as much fun with our assumptions of where the story will end as with the gore and sense of dread along the way. Sometimes, though, we get lucky and a story like The Westwood Witches throws curves at us that are totally unpredictable. This mini-series was only four issues and that may be part of how the twists seemed so surprising, and if you like to keep guessing what is happening with evil, hot, and often naked, witches then look no further.

The artist changed more than once and kudos to the team for being able to keep the style and consistency throughout. It’s hard to comment much more on the art because I suspect Hernandez was trying to match the earlier artists’ work as opposed to bringing in any distinct styling, but the pages look great regardless.

The Westwood Witches is a solid comic that is easy recommend. However, this is a little hard to track down so definitely keep your eyes open and ask your local comic shop for help getting a copy.

For More Information: Check out our interview with El Torres here:

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