‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Postponed

by Thomas Tuna

According to Yahoo, AMC this weekend postponed the premiere date for the third Walking Dead spinoff, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The starting date has been shifted from Sunday, April 12 to “later this year,” according to the franchise’s Twitter account.

The show is just the latest in a series cancellations and postponements due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the world.

Though the season finished filming before the production shutdowns, several of the season’s episodes reportedly have post-production work that remain unfinished.

AMC also has suspended production on its other Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, as well as pre-production on the upcoming 11th season of the show.

As reported, The Walking Dead: World Beyond revolves around the first generation raised in a post-apocalyptic world. The series, which is expected to be a two-season limited event, follows two sisters who brave dangers–living and undead–on a daring quest.

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