The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – “Strangers”

by Rob Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi


The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – “Strangers”


Synopsis: With supplies running low, Rick leads a mission where the risk might now be worth the reward.


Thoughts: **SPOILERS** If you’re like me, you started of watching last night’s Walking Dead wondering “how the hell are they going to follow up last week?”  Well, after the introduction to Gabriel the Priest and an adventurous food run, the gang settles in for a nice peaceful dinner at Gabriel’s church.  As usually in the apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead, nothing is peaceful for very long.  Danger and evil stalked them the entire episode without notice.  Now I suspected we would see our friends from Terminus again.  I just did not imagine it would be over a campfire eating Bob Stookey’s leg.  After a somewhat slow paced episode, the ending was grotesque, vile and brilliant! I would also like to mention a stellar performance by Andrew West who plays the cannibalistic mastermind Gareth. 

So, will anyone else be roasted over the campfire?  Will the group ever make it to DC?  Stay Tuned…



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