The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – Live Bait

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi

The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – Live Bait

Synopsis: A familiar face returns as the group members struggle to find humanity in a world of constant struggle.

Thoughts: Ah, the return of the Governor!  Man does he look haggard. But wait, Governor, or “Brian” gets taken in by this family and is all of a sudden turning warm and fuzzy?  At first glance, many may not know what to make of this episode. Mainly, it gave the fans a clue as to where this guy has been.  It also kept fans on their toes, as he played the part of a very compassionate man, yet the fans know what the Governor is really made of.  I was almost waiting for him to turn and waste the entire family at any point. Whatever the case, the Governor ends up showing his true colors eventually. Violent, selfish, and possibly delusional that he may have found his new “Penny,” this guy is runs into his old crew which promises to be very interesting.

There were some really great walker kills in this one.  I mean the Governor tearing the throat out of the zombie with his bare hands was just brutal.  How can we forget killing zombie dad with the oxygen tank. 

All in all, I see where the writers were trying to bring back the Governor in a way that was different and not so predictable. Maybe not in the chronological order as it originally appeared, this episode with the family was a nice nod back to the comic as well.  While doing its job and containing some very poignant and symbolic moments, this fan wasn’t completely gripped by the entire episode. Although I have to say, I am definitely looking forward to next week’s reunion with his old Woodbury army.

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