The Walking Dead-The Pop-Up Book Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Stephanie Shamblin Gray


Review – The Walking Dead:The Pop-Up Book


Wondering what to get your favorite Walking Dead fan for the holidays? I have got just the thing for you! It’s “The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book.”  Since watching “The Babadook” last year I have been kinda waiting for pop-up books to catch on, especially with horror books. I mean, you just can’t get the same scare with a printed page as you can with a movie, am I right? Well, now we have the opportunity to be totally grossed/freaked out by a book. And it’s based on our favorite TV show. Score!


Other than telling you it’s a pop-up book, it can be a bit tricky to describe so here’s a link to the promotional YouTube video: Pretty cool, huh? Watching that will give you the gist of what you will get, but of course the video lacks that 3-D experience. The creators have done a great job of creating pop-ups within pop-ups, also. You need to go through it a few times to catch all the possible changes. I will note that there are no likenesses of the television actors, just scenes and zombies. The story is nothing new and goes through the general Walking Dead story, but honestly you will hardly look at the text. It’s all about the pop-ups, after all. 


Bottom line: This book makes me want to put together a Horror Gift Guide this year so I can put this at the top of it. Geeks, even horror geeks, love to have super unique and cool items and this is hard to beat. The book is pricey at $65, but it is a guaranteed conversation piece. I can’t wait to put this out at my next party for everyone to enjoy. 


Score: 9/10


Published by: Insight Editions 


Created by: Stephani Danelle Perry (author), Becca Zerkin (creator), David Hawcock (creator) & Sally Elizabeth Jackson (illustrator).


Synopsis: Based on AMC’s The Walking Dead, this blood-curdling pop-up book brings the hit TV series to life like never before. Lurking within its pages are more than twenty ingeniously crafted pop-ups that add a horrifying new dimension to the series. Experience the terror of “Bicycle Girl” reaching out with her decaying arms; the ravenous walker hordes crowding the streets of Atlanta; Michonne’s deadly katana skills; and the horror of a walker feeding frenzy. Plus, go inside some of the most memorable locations from the television series and discover the battle-torn West Georgia Correctional Facility, Hershel Greene’s doomed farm, and the gut-wrenching secrets of Terminus. Featuring ten pages packed with exclusive pop-up illustrations and blood-drenched action, AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book is a uniquely terrifying way to experience the walker apocalypse.


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