The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 15 – This Sorrowful Life – Recap

by Rob Caprilozzi

Synopsis: Rick and the group are faced with a serious problem. If they want a truce with the Governor, they will have to make a huge sacrifice.

Our Thoughts: The episode opens with Rick asking Merle for his assistance in delivering Michonne to The Governor. Merle accepting the mission sets up for one hell of an episode.

As Merle prepares to capture Michonne, he chats with Daryl as they discuss his recent past. As the two brothers discuss their differences, Merle chastises his little brother with “Do you even possess a pair of balls little brother?” About halfway through the show, I fear this episode may be Merle’s last.

Out of nowhere Rick decides to change the plan of handing over Michonne…. but no one gave Merle the memo. Merle knocked out and tied up Michonne and is bringing her to The Governor. On the way we are treated to an excellent scene at a motel where they fend off over a dozen zombies. Michonne has some great kill scenes (even though she is tied up) and Merle does what he does best, killing zombies. As more zombies attack, Merle snags a car and they’re off to see The Governor.

As they draw closer to their destination, Merle stops the car and kicks out Michonne. He drives away and eventually finds his drink of choice, whiskey. As he cranks up the music in the car and downs the whiskey, zombies swarm all around his vehicle. Merle leads them directly to the enemy team. As Merle begins to pick off enemies he is caught by the villains. A struggle ensues with Merle and The Governor. The Governor BITES OFF a couple of Merle’s fingers then pulls a pistol and shoots him.

Daryl goes to rescue his brother and finds only zombie Merle. He is forced to kill the zombified version of his brother, which is where we see Daryl the most emotional we ever have. The episode ends with everyone, including the audience, preparing for a huge season finale.

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