The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 12 – Clear – Recap

by Rob Caprilozzi

Okay Gore Whores! Jacki is on vacation this week, so Rob, "The Wolf" himself, is covering for your HNN "Walking Dead Recap." Now for his thoughts.


Realizing they are heavily outgunned against the Governor's forces, Rick leads an expedition to get more weapons, with Michonne and Carl.


And were off, let’s hope there is no damn singing this episode.
A pretty strong start as the trio of Rick, Carl and Michonne are in the car, surrounded by a bunch of zombies. Rick pulls out his gun and takes care of one but unfortunately we don’t see the whole scene.
As the trio investigate the town where Rick and his family used to live, they run into a man wearing body armor on a roof who orders them to drop their weapons and leave. In a daring move Rick disobeys the order and sends Michonne into action as Carl runs for a safe place to hide. The gunman advances his attack and his shot by Carl. (Is it me or does the kid have the best shot?) As Rick unmasks the gunman it is Morgan from early Walking Dead episodes. Pretty cool twist!

Rick and Morgan go back and forth for the rest of the episode and I wonder if Rick even remembers that at ANY SECOND The Governor can be attacking the prison. Remember that Rick? As you are rekindling your friendship, your cast of friends could be dead. How far is this road trip they went on? There didn’t seem to be much urgency on getting back and defending the prison.

The episode ends as the three drive back towards the prison and pick up the bag of the hitchhiker that they didn’t pick up. Oh, how this group has changed.

Morgan stole the show for me tonight as he told the tale of how his family was “reunited” for a short time which led to him killing his wife.
Also, how ridiculous is The Talking Dead? Is the show for people who have no friends who watch the show? I don’t understand the need to have a talk show about a show. Please stop it.


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