The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 11 – I Ain’t a Judas – Recap

by Rob Caprilozzi

by Jacki Clark


So, Andrea comes back…then goes back to Woodbury. This girl has serious man issues! Andrea asks permission from the great and powerful Governor to go to the prison to try and form some kind of peace agreement between the two societies. The Governor, of course, insists doesn’t go and that Rick’s group, Andrea’s old family, are no more than blood thirsty savages. Am I the only one who thinks this is a pretty hypocritical statement for the Governor to make. At the same time, he is also forcing all able bodied Woodbury residents, old and young, take up arms and begin military training ASAP. After deciding to go to the prison anyway, she asks for the little weasel Nazi scientist, Milton, for his help in covering for her and getting her out of Woodbury. Milton, of course, goes straight to Governor, who simply tells him to help Andrea. Yet another example of the Governor’s manipulation, as if she is there when he attacks, she wouldn’t be spared either.

Meanwhile back at the prison, more unrest goes on, as everyone tries to figure out the best counter move to the Governor’s “walkergram.” Rick tries to bow out again when Hershel angrily reminds him, of who he is, what he stands for and what he promised to do. Rick seems to accept this and goes to look out. While in look out Carl joins him and has a heart to heart with his very confused and lost father, letting him know in a nice way, you’re losing it and may need a break. Carl is coming into his own for such a young kid, and showing he understands how the whole apocalyptic world works. He is becoming a good soldier, leader when needed and a great big brother. Merle is actively working on rejoing the group by “apologizing” to Michonne. He never says the words I’m sorry, but I think this is about as good an apology anyone can expect from Merle, a very dysfunctional man, yet extremely entertaining to have in the mix. We are also beginning to see the true bond, as well as the hurt between Merle and Daryl.

Tyrese and his crew show up while Andrea is making her pet walker and end up in Woodbury. The Governor, obviously, plans on using them for information and possible muscle to help destroy Rick and the gang

When Andrea returns to the prison, she is met under more hostile circumstances then she expected. She tells them she wants the two forces to come to peace, and informs them that the Governor is training for war. The group makes it very clear that they are preparing too. Carroll takes her aside and lays out the perfect plan to end it all. All Andrea has to do is seduce Governor and when he’s asleep, kill him! Though Andrea still falls back on the ‘ol sex routine, stick she backs out…

Only 3 walker deaths this week all to the face, but the winner goes to a surviving walker. Andrea’s new, short term pet. The most memorable moment is where Andrea chops off the walkers’ arms and then curb stomps him! NICE!!

My Flesh:

Once again, Andrea reminds us she sure loves men, and the wrong men at that. Carl is growing more and more jaded with each episode. I’m wondering if we’ll ever see his “child side” again. I think the Governor knows what Andrea almost did and that will eventually be the end to her. Tyrese and friends teaming up with the Governor really troubles me. There will be a lot of bloodshed very soon and people are going to die! Thanks for all of your comments, I look forward to them and your questions so send them in let’s “chew the fat!” Until next time my fellow Walker Stalkers!

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