The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 10 – Home – Recap

by Rob Caprilozzi

by: Jacki Clark

Rick is officially “bat shit crazy”! Seeing Lori on a more regular basis is enough to drive him out of the prison gates into walker territory to chase after her. Due to Rick’s absent mindedness, Glenn is forced to become the backup leader. With Glenn being blinded by his rage for the Governor, he is not doing the top notch job of leader as I would, under normal circumstances, expect from him. He proves this by asking Michonne to join him in an impromptu attack on Woodbury to kill the Governor. Michonne is inclined to this notion as her hatred for the Governor runs just as deep as Glenn’s. Everything that has happened between Glenn and Maggie, along with Glenn’s new responsibilities, is placing a serious strain on their relationship. Without Rick as leader, the group is not as militant as the beginning of the season. There are times when no one is even on watch! The Governor is as manipulative as ever, he asks for Andrea to help him lead the town and goes to his Nazi scientist to tell him he doesn’t trust her. Like any antisocial he must keep everyone in the dark and keep everyone he wishes to control from trusting or even talking to one another. Some of the other residents of Woodbury are not happy or trusting of Andrea. Andrea is beginning to ask questions now but seems to still be under the Governor’s love spell. We learned that Axel was a total screw up criminal and then he died. The Governor went against his word to Andrea and attacked the prison with a few of his men. After shooting Axel in the head, his groups opened fire on the whole group. Then amidst the shoot out an unfamiliar truck barrels through the prison’s double gates and release a herd of walkers. Maggie joins the fire fight with extra fire power and all is chaos. Rick, still outside the prison gates, runs out of ammo and is beating walkers with the butt of his revolver. Just as Rick is getting double teamed by walkers, Daryl and Merle save the day!! Daryl decided to return to his crew after the rescue of strangers brings out the ass in Merle.

Nineteen dead walkers in this episode! Several of the takedowns come at the hands of Daryl and Merle during the rescue scene on the bridge. There’s Daryl’s crossbow head smash and his bowie knife to the face. My favorite from Daryl was the “hatchback smack down!” Michonne (a terrible shot with a firearm) brings the pain with her k-blade on several walkers’ heads.

My Flesh
Daryl is back and has finally stood up to his brother. I couldn’t be more proud! As for Merle, the group will have to accept him into the prison or at least the watch tower because they need the man power to stand against the Governor. I, personally, foresee see him biting the big one at the end of the season. There is going to be am unavoidable show down between the prison and the town at season’s end. Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is under duress after the incident at Woodbury; I hope they work things out. One has to wonder about Andrea, her loyalty isn’t 100% to anyone. If she is to rejoin the group, she needs to do some soul searching and make some serious changes. Then again maybe after the Governor dies she’ll take over the town. Rick…. The guy needs a high dose of Thorazine!!

Thanks for all of your comments, I look forward to them and your questions so send them in let’s “chew the fat!” Until next time my fellow Walker Stalkers!

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