‘The Walking Dead’ Movies To Highlight Rick Grimes

by Thomas Tuna

When The Walking Dead franchise finally arrives on the big screen, it looks like mainstay Rick Grimes–who hasn’t been seen since the ninth season of the popular TV show–will be front and center.

This as-yet-untitled film–the first in a reported trilogy–is in the planning stages at this time and probably will not be ready for theaters for a few years yet, according to We Got This Covered.

But some plot denials have been revealed, and they point to Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) back in business, alive and well, and being taken to a “human encampment that aims to find a cure for the zombie problem”.

Reports also indicate that all is not well with the survivors Rick meets, leading to the possibility of seeing some of the “interpersonal conflicts the comic book and TV series are known for”.

In fact, reports say scientists in the film will “have a mad side that includes experimenting on unwilling human subjects and being twisted, as the series’ antagonists tend to be”.

Of course, plans could change from now to then, but reports have the story and scripts leading in this direction.

On the television side of things, some details of the show’s Season 11 suggest some sort of tie-in with the films. The scenario for that season has a number of characters “heading out to rescue Rick and help him escape from where he’s being held,” according to reports.

Also, the finale for Season 10 of The Walking Dead is set to air later this year on AMC Network.

As always, keep reading Horror New Network, and when additional details on the much-anticipated movies become available, they will appear here.

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