‘The Walking Dead’ AMC Series Can Finally ‘Rest In Peace’

by Thomas Tuna

The Walkers have taken their final shambling steps.

The final episode of the 11-season run of AMC’s The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse series aired this past weekend, and–as expected–the movers and shakers behind the popular show had insights into the journey they wanted to express.

Showrunner Angela Kang and chief content officer Scott M. Gimple–in an interview with Deadline–said the last episode–Rest in Peace–was important in order to wrap up the flagship series and to act as a springboard for the spinoffs to come next year.

Kang said “it was really important to us to try to close this chapter of the show and this story–but we know we have to leave some doors open to go into the future stories. Scott and I talked about it and the feeling was, how do we just leave the door cracked without forcing the other shows into exactly what that is.”

She added that the writers left it at “this is about the future, and the future is trying to know more about what’s out there in the world and what adventures will that lead to. The characters are focused on what comes ahead. They’re looking at, how do we build something out of this?”

Gimple stressed that “the paramount goal was to conclude The Walking Dead. Like full stop. That said, obviously we did want to have a little something towards the trajectory of some of these other stories. Some aspects of the spinoffs can’t really be seen in there, but there are some broad strokes towards them.”

He added that, “thematically, this is about a group that has finally achieved some peace, and what are they going to do with it? Like, you know what, maybe we should go out into the world and see what’s up now that we found this peace. We’re strong enough to do that.”

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