The Visual Effects of ‘The Walking Dead’ – How the Creators Burn their Bridges

by Mark McCurley

Rick Grimes’ departure from The Walking Dead TV series left fans shocked, but now they will be even more so to learn how the show blew up a bridge without actually damaging a real-life structure which came courtesy of Goodbye Kansas Studios.

Now, just a few weeks after the airing of the episode titled What Comes After, GKS shared a behind-the-scenes video of its work on the episode where Grimes, with help from a fallen stack of dynamite, blows up a bridge full of approaching Walkers.

In creating one of the series’ most complex shots, extensive post-production work was required. However, what may come as a surprise is that no actual bridges were destroyed in the process.

Although a physical bridge was used in filming for the climactic setting, including close-ups of the Walkers, supporting characters and a massive explosion of fire, everything else was all added by GKS as digital enhancements. All including a repaired section of the bridge being blown to pieces again, to the dead flying through the air and even the raging river below.

The video, currently streaming on Vimeo, shows what the motion capture performers did to help bring the digital Walkers to life including a lot of trampoline work to simulate them being thrown from the bridge.

Check out the video breakdown below:

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