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I love a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and if you do too, then Michael Biehn’s “The Victim” is right up your alley. The first thing I thought when I saw Biehn’s name attached to this movie was, “can it be?” Well, the answer is a resounding yes! It is the same Michael Biehn from “Terminator”, “Aliens” and one of my all-time favorites, “Tombstone”.


It seems that Mr. Biehn is a fan of the grindhouse genre so he decided to try his hand at writing, directing and starring in one. He enlisted the help of his wife Jennifer Blanc (who plays Annie) and the lovely Danielle Harris (who plays Mary); Michael takes on the role of our “hero” Kyle. Kyle is the rugged-quiet type who is living by himself in a cabin in the woods (no pun intended), trying for a little peace and quiet when, all of a sudden, his peace and quiet is disturbed by a frantic Annie banging on his door begging for help.


Rewind: Annie and her friend Mary are a couple of strippers who have found a couple of dirty cops (Denny Kirkwood and Ryan Honey) who are willing to trade confiscated drugs for sexual favors. One day they’re all partying out in the woods when one of the cops takes Mary off for a little round of hide the salami. While he’s giving Mary the business, she gives him a little attitude so he breaks her neck. The cops try their best to cover it up before Annie catches on, but she does and she makes a break for it (to Kyle’s cabin).


What follows next is a whole lot of “whodunit”. Annie pleads with Kyle to help her and then the cops show up at Kyle’s door claiming that they’re looking for a suspect named Annie; so who is Kyle to believe? Are the cops lying? Is Annie lying? Is Kyle himself to be trusted? You’ll have to watch to find out!


As it turns out, I dug this movie. It has some flaws but they’re definitely not fatal. The dialogue has some funny moments and the plot is not see-through. It did lack the gore typical to a grindhouse flick, but with their budget restraints they did a good job. All in all, “The Victim” is a solid first effort by Michael Biehn and I’m certainly looking forward to what he brings us in the future.


Oh, and be sure to check out the special features for a really good “making of” segment.

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