The Unbroken Coming to DVD

by Rob Caprilozzi

In the Dark Entertainment brings you "The Unbroken" on DVD June 11th. The film stars Daniel Baldwin, Tracy Wiu, WarwickDavis, and Patrick Flanagan.

Synopsis: “Sarah Campbell has to start her life over again after a messy divorce leaves her broken, lost, and alone for the first time. After moving into a neglected apartment, strange things begin to happen including visions of a little boy in the mirrors. Passing them off as her “crazy imagination”, things intensify when she starts to have nightmares of torture by a “shadowy figure”. As her dreams become more vivid, so do her encounters with the ghostly child who begins to terrorize her and cause “accidents” wherever she goes. Through an encounter with her charming neighbor (Daniel Baldwin), Sarah realizes that he may be the “shadowy figure” that she has been dreaming about…and that the little boy may be a messenger from the other side with a horrifying secret…”


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