The Trailer for ‘Smiley Face Killers’ Promises a Bloodbath

by Larry Dwyer

A few New York City detectives, along with a St. Cloud State University criminal justice professor, put forth a theory that a string of dead males found in bodies of water from the 1990’s to the 2010’s were not accidental deaths as concluded by local law enforcement but rather were victims of a serial killer or a group of serial killers. In at least a dozen of the cases, graffiti of a smiley face was left behind near the locations of the victims – this led the cases to be called “The Smiley Face Killings”.

Sounds like a plot for a horror movie, right? Well, now it is. Written by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Less Than Zero) and directed by Tim Hunter (River’s Edge, The Saint of Fort Washington), Smiley Face Killers stars Crispin Glover as “The Hooded Figure” alongside Ronen Rubinstein, Mia Serafino, Amadeus Serafini, Ashley Rickards and more.

The synopsis from Lionsgate’s YouTube channel is as follows:

As a strange wave of mysterious drownings of male college students plagues the California coast, Jake Graham (Ronen Rubinstein) struggles to keep his life together at school. Finding himself stalked by a hooded figure (Crispin Glover) driving an unmarked van, Jake fears he may become the next victim in the killers’ horrific spree.

Lionsgate plans to release to digital, OnDemand and Blu-ray on December 8th but for now, enjoy the trailer:

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