The Squidder #2 Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi


The Squidder #2 Review 


Writer: Ben Templesmith

Artist: Ben Templesmith (Alternate Cover Menton3)

Publisher: IDW / 44 Flood

Release Date: August 6,2014

Rating: 9 out of 10


Synopsis: The Squidder steals back a slave for a local strong man,only to realize success with the job means upsetting the fragile balance of human power. With the aid of the very Squid cult he hates,he realizes there’s a new game afoot and an old war still worth fighting,while more powerful eyes finally start to take notice.

Our Thoughts:  When it comes to horror comics,I’m usually a tough customer to please.  I very rarely give 9 out of 10.  However,Ben Templesmith’s “Squidder” has won me over.  After the first issue,I was curious to see if he would be able to keep the momentum and interest of the reader.  Not only does he achieve that,but the reader becomes fully engrossed in not only the gruesome action,but the intricate story.  Templesmith gets high marks for character development and the way in which the character’s stories are left to unfold. 

 Templesmith’s majestic artwork is on full display in the Squidder series.  Horror fans,in particular,will take great delight in the hellish underworld that we see ready to boil over.  Not only are we treated to the creepiest of characters,but his rich tones really become part of the story telling,setting the perfect backdrop and mood to each scene. Bottom line is Squidder #2 exceeds expectations set by the first issue.  Whether you’re a horror comic fan or non horror comic fan,you will find yourself sucked into the Squidder vortex before you’ve finished this issue,and have Issue #3 already on your pull list.  

Ben Templesmith’s “Squidder” Issue #2 is out July 6th.



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