‘The Simpsons: Thanksgiving of Horror’ Extends the Terror to a New Holiday

by Nick Banks

Just in case the Halloween season flew by for you, and you’re hankering for a Thanksgiving feast of animated thrills and chills, the producers of The Simpsons have an late gift to deliver to horror fans in the form of  “Thanksgiving of Horror”, a three segment anthology episode in the style of the annual Halloween special “Treehouse of Horror”.

The special episode will air on Sunday, November 24 at 8 pm on Fox and will also run almost 25 minutes long, making it the longest single Simpsons episode ever.

The three segments will consist of a tale of turkey revenge from 1621 at the first Thanksgiving, a Black Mirror-esque tale of technology gone wrong (which also features Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker voicing a sinister social media app), and a futuristic journey to the very last Thanksgiving on a dying planet.

Check out the preview below and extend your DVRs for a few extra minutes in case one of Fox’s NFL games “bleeds” into the the scheduled air time.


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