‘The Returning’ #3 Review

Review By: Mike Peluso

Writer: Jason Starr
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Publisher: BOOM!
Release Date: 5/14/14
Rating: 8 out of 10

Synopsis:  As the police and Federal law enforcement get closer to catching Marcus and Beth, Beth trusts the wrong person and not even the hope of life after death can stop the horror that is coming for the rest of the world…

Our Thoughts:  “The Returning” # 3 pickups right where the last issue left off, right in the middle of a high intensity encounter between Beth and a group of sadistic “changers”.  What I probably love the most about this series is its uncanny ability to create high levels of tension in such a small amount of time.  The uniqueness to “The Returning” story is also a big draw for me and issue #3 adds to the mystique of this NDE epidemic.  Andrea Mutti’s artwork continues to be dark and unnerving and I mean that in as complementary of a way as possible.  His gritty style and textures suit the world of “The Returning” quite well.  “The Returning” #3 ads intensity and answers few questions and that is exactly what has me psyched for the series finale in issue #4.

Jason Starr’s uber talented writing provides a pulse pounding originality within the pages of the first 3 issues miniseries and I expect nothing short of that to continue and conclude with the next issue.  If you’re not caught up on the frightfully fresh new series that is “The Returning”, go grab issue #3, it’s in stores now!

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