‘The Purge’ TV Series Trailer Asks “What is America?”

by Nick Banks

Have your ever wondered: “what is America?”  Well, the new trailer for the upcoming The Purge TV series has your answer!

The latest trailer was unveiled at SDCC this past weekend at a panel featuring producer Jason Blum, Purge creator James DeMonaco, director Anthony Hemingway, producer Brad Fuller, showrunner Tom Kelly, the First Purge star Lex Scott Davis and series stars Amanda Warren, Gabriel Chavarria and Fiona Dourif.

DeMonaco is excited to explore the world of the Purge to a greater degree in the TV series, stating that “Time is the biggest factor on a very practical level. We had 10 hours to explore things we couldn’t even attempt to do in the movie.  That gives us the real estate to get into characters more and use a flashback structure to go off purge. Here we go back five years before the purge,  3 months before the purge, 2 days before the purge. So we’ll see how this society exists within the purge landscape. It allows us to go deeper into the world and explore beyond the one night.”

DeMonaco also commented on how much violence viewers will see on the small screen version of his story, saying that “We’re not into gore. We think gore will start sensationalizing violence.  Depicting the violence is important. It always about depicting it in a way that’s very terrifying so that it doesn’t fall into a place that where it’s gratuitous or not making it into something that is cool.”

The Purge premiere will simulcast on both the USA Network and Syfy on Tuesday, September 4 at 10 p.m.

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