‘The Prodigy’ Turns Out To Be Just Average at Weekend Box Office

by Nick Banks

Prodigy is a term usually reserved for a young phenom that “can’t miss” in whatever field their talents take them, such as playing the piano, throwing the football, or even film making.  Unfortunately, for Orion pictures, this week’s “Prodigy” couldn’t cut the mustard at the box office, as the new film finished in sixth place with only an estimated $6 million dollar return.

The Prodigy (not to be confused with the techno-rock kings from the UK, who happen to be launching their first tour in ten years if you can believe it) entered a weak field for horror films (with Escape Room making one of its last appearance in the top 12 this week), but it could still not connect with fans or critics.  The Prodigy’s Rotten Tomatoes score currently clocks in at 45% (which is actually pretty good for a low budget, February horror film, although the sample size of 42 reviews was rather small as Orion did not screen the film early for critics).  Rotten Tomatoes’ user reviews were a little more kind, with a score of 53%.  Cinemascores’ polling has not been revealed as of yet, but a similar low audience rating will most likely be reported based on The Prodigy’s anemic showing at the box office.

In terms of future prospects, it doesn’t look like this “prodigy” will be getting a college scholarship, as the run-of-the-mill spooky, possessed kid tale will face the stiffest competition of the year in the form of next week’s Happy Death Day 2U.  The sequel is sure to attract Valentine’s Day fans (and haters) and leave any other horror competition waiting for a bouquet of roses at a table for one.

Check back next week for Happy Death Day 2U’s prospects, as the stagnant movie market is about to pick up as we inch closer to March.



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