The Price interview with Glenn Arseneau

When young, attractive, Erin Wheeler finds herself lost at a seedy roadside diner en route to a meeting with her business partner and an important client, her troubles are only beginning. Looking for directions, but finding only the lecherous advances of a seedy trucker and the unnerving stare of a sociopathic state trooper, Erin drives off alone into the fog. Followed by the ethereal forms of ghostly children reaching out for her at every turn, Erin soon finds herself alone on the highway after being involved in a brutal car crash. Wracked with guilt over causing the apparent deaths of a woman and infant in the crash, Erin reluctantly accepts help from the mysterious trucker and begins to fear for both her life and her sanity as the world around her begins to unravel. After a bizarre second encounter at the diner – now the location of an apparent rip in the fabric of time itself – Erin soon comes to realize that the strange truck driver may be much more than he appears, and that her own involvement in this particular location might be even more bizarre than she could imagine.

We caught up with writer, Glenn Arseneau, to talk about The Price.

Check out The Price interview with Glenn Arseneau.

The Price horror comic
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