The Original Horror Book Store Dark Delicacies Needs Your Help

by Nick Banks

Dark Delicacies has been a staple for horror fans and creators in the Los Angeles area since founders Del and Sue Howison opened the doors in 1994.  The shop quickly became known as a place for writers, artists, and filmmakers to not only sell their work, but also to meet, greet, and interact with fans.

Like many other brick-and-mortar specialty stores, Dark Delicacies found it difficult to cope with rising rental costs and earlier this year, the co-founders considered shuttering the very first horror themed book store in the United States.  Due to a great outpouring of support from the horror community, the Howisons decided to move the world-famous horror hang-out to a new location (with a more reasonable rental charge) so the legacy of Dark Delicacies could continue.

In an effort to off-set some of the costs associated with the move and maintain the same quality one finds at the current shop, Del Howison created a GoFundMe page to help with the transition.  The GoFundMe Page has already received donations from notable artists from the horror community such as Re-Animator’s Barbara Crampton, Return of the Living Dead’s Jewel Shepard,  Thirty Days of Night’s author Steve Niles, Escape Room’s director Adam Robitel, Satanic Panic’s director Chelsea Stardust, and authors such as Kasey Lansdale, Jeremy Wagner, and Kelly Turnbull among others (as well as many local friends, retailers, and customers of Dark Delicacies).

Dark Delicacies has also published some notable horror anthologies in recent years, soliciting stories from some of the hottest and up-and-coming writers in the genre.  If you would like to help Dark Delicacies with this endeavor, please visit the GoFundMe page or their website to purchase everything from signed books to horror collectibles to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume.

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