‘The Nun 2’ Director Looking Ahead To More Valak Horror

by Thomas Tuna

Are demons forever?

The Nun 2–the sequel to the 2018 The Conjuring franchise installment–is only a month away now, and director Michael Chavez believes this film won’t be the last time fans see the demon nun Valak.

During a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Chavez quoted a line from the film–“demons are infinite”–and added that he “likes the idea that she’s always been here in different forms. I think there’s still more stories of Valak the demon nun to be told.”

The director added, “This is continuing the timeline. Anyone who saw The Conjuring knows that Maurice is possessed and then exorcised by the Warrens, and we know that deepens in the late ’60s in the Conjuring timeline. This film is set in the ’50s, so we’re still a ways off from that.”

Chavez also said there are “big ideas and big swings” in The Nun 2, adding that the film “continues to fill out the picture and the bigger canvas.”

The Nun 2–helmed by Chavez from a screenplay by Akela Cooper–stars Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene and Bonnie Aarons as Valak, along with Storm Reid. The film hits the big screen Sept. 8, and later that month, Aarons will be a special guest at Connecticut HorrorFest.

The feature–produced by James Wan and Peter Safran–is set in 1956 France, where a “spreading evil” forces Sister Irene to “once again come face-to-face with the demonic force of Valak.”

The original The Nun–directed by Corin Hardy from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman–follows a priest and a novice as they investigate the death of a young nun in 1952 Romania. And, during their work, they confront “a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.”

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