The ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ TV Series That Never Was

by Jayson Drury

When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

George A. Romero’s legacy continues. It was just last year that Shudder aired the horror legend’s The Amusement Park, and now the Romero Archival Collection has unveiled a treatment for a proposed (but never realized) TV series based on Night of the Living Dead, according to a report on Movie Web.

The 27-page treatment–that details 19 episodes–shows a slightly more comedic, black satire approach–something perhaps more like Dawn of the Dead. Romero described it in the first pages as “a sophisticated black satire of man’s behavior in crisis” and a peek at an “urgent, terrifying future.”

Included in the treatment is a pilot that follows a 21-year-old radio host named Ben Remington, who attends a frat party where a man who dies after drinking a keg of Iron City returns to bite the Homecoming Queen.

In the second episode, a hospital’s chief of staff tells a doctor that 32 patients have died within the last day–but still want their meals. The third episode follows the hospital’s struggles to regain control and keep a lid on the living dead–all while things are spiraling out of control.

The treatment ends with Remington bemoaning, “Don’t you see? They are us! They destroy because we destroy. They hate because we hate. They kill because we kill. Perhaps now we will realize that killing does not bring an end of conflict–it only brings more killing. The dead lust for life. If only we could lust for life.”

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