‘The Mutilator’ Sequel Still On The Hunt For Distributor

by Thomas Tuna

You’d think this would be an easy sell.

It’s been a year since news dropped on The Mutilator 2–the sequel to the 1984 cult slasher–and this week, returning writer/director Buddy Cooper offered an explanation for the long delay.

Writing on his Facebook page, Cooper said the filmmakers “are still searching for distribution. It might help if fans asked their favorite streamer or theater when they would be showing The Mutilator 2. If enough people show an interest, a distributor may be willing to get it out to everyone.”

Producer Jeff Seeman added that the sequel “will showcase everything that fans loved in the original. Buddy Cooper has always had a great sense of humor and a fondness for creative, bloody death scenes. The Mutilator 2 will be no exception–only this time, there will be a bigger body count.”

The sequel–which has not leaked any plot details yet–stars Ruth Martinez and Bill Hitchcock (from the original film)–along with Terry Kiser (Friday the 13th Part VII), Damian Maffei (Haunt), Chaney Morrow (Wrong Turn) and Eva Hamilton (Ruin Me).

The Mutilator–originally titled Fall Break–follows a group of college coeds who travel to an island property during (you guessed it) fall break and  “are stalked and murdered by the father of one of the coeds.”

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