‘The Mirror’ Now Available on VOD

by Rob Caprilozzi

RAM Releasing announces the THE MIRROR, the U.K. film based on actual events around a haunted mirror, is now available to stream across all On Demand platforms.

Jemma Dallender stars in this chilling tale from a news story that set Twitter and Facebook alight. Three scheming roommates buy a haunted mirror from an eBay auction. Their plan is to prove that it is indeed haunted in order to claim the Million Dollar Paranormal Prize, money offered by a foundation whose mission is to educate the public on the dangers of believing unproven claims of supernatural phenomena. They set up round-the-clock cameras in the hopes of capturing evidence of something going bump in the night. Their desire to win blinds them to the evil forces they have unwittingly brought into their home, forces that are out to exact a terrible revenge.

An internet sensation when the real mirror was placed for sale in 2013, its story garnered attention from The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and CNN. Two roommates came across the mirror after their landlord intended to throw it away; after bringing it into their home, they began experiencing strange instances of visions and bodily injury. They posted the haunted mirror for sale on eBay shortly after. The new film picks up from there.

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