‘The Lost Footage’ Coming Later This Year

We received news today about an upcoming film called ‘The Lost Footage’ from Crimson Pictures. Check out the official release below.

Still have an unfulfilled appetite for independent found footage films? Then prepare your taste buds as there’s another potential underground hit coming your way. This one is titled “The Lost Footage” and it’s co-written and directed by indie filmmaker Ron Hudson.

While no major details regarding the story or plot have surfaced thus far, what has leaked is simple and to the point (from the film’s official synopsis):

“Since the year 2000, the United States government has seized a series of homemade tapes deeming them “classified information”. In 2014, those tapes will finally be released for the public to see.”

While the filmmakers are obviously keeping every detail under wraps and understandably so, what we can surmise at this point is if the government doesn’t want you to see these tapes, then they must be worth your while.

Although no teaser or theatrical trailer has been released just yet, you can catch a brief clip of someone or something on the movie’s official website by visiting www.lostfootagefilm.com.

Who knows what the future has in store for this project, but if Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity are any indicators, then this could potentially be the next left field hit that has the hearts of all audiences racing to the finish line.

The film has been given a “Fall 2014” release date and is currently unrated.

For more information, you can “like” the Facebook fan page by visiting www.facebook.com/thelostfootage or the film’s official website www.lostfootagefilm.com

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