‘The Last of Us Part II’ Offers Opportunities for Multiple Playthrough Action

by Nick Banks

The only thing that may take you longer than The Last of Us Part II’s game play would be the time it would take you to read all of the articles on Horror News Network about the upcoming PS4 game!

In a new Inside the Gameplay video, co-director Anthony Newman teased that the digital world is so immersive, that LastofUsheads will have to play the game multiple times to unlock all of the tricks of the trade.

Newman bragged about the new game, saying that “In this game we’ve gone so far in making the level design open that there are actually entire story moments, entire combat encounters, full scripted sequences that you may completely miss.  And there are things that we feel like, even though a portion of our player base may never see these things, the fact that when you do encounter them, you feel like you discovered them, it lends them this charm and this magic I think is unique to games that this happened to me, because of what I did and the place I explored to.”

And if you love to upgrade your player character, you won’t be able to get all the treasure in one campaign.  Newman said that “We put a much stronger emphasis on the importance of the choices you make in the longterm for your character.  Through the weapon upgrade system, through the player upgrade system, there aren’t enough resources in a single playthrough to fully upgrade your character. The choices that you make, you’re going to have to live with. And we wanted to make sure that all the choices that you made had a really noticeable and tangible impact on the way that you play.”

Be sure to check back for frequent updates about The Last of Us Part II!

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