‘The Keeper’ Statue Revealed From Gaming Heads

by Rob Caprilozzi

Gaming Heads has announced a new license based on the survival-horror game ‘The Evil Within’. The first piece in the line is a statue of one of the enemies in the game, known as The Keeper. 


Perched atop a crate over-flowing with human remains, The Keeper is ready to attack with his barbed and bloodied meat tenderizer. He stands 15″ tall and is caste in polystone resin, meticulously painted by hand. 


They have also produced an exclusive variant of The Keeper, which features an additional, alternative head. In this version, the door of the safe on his head has been burst open to reveal a sprawling mass of tentacles.


The statue will be released in Q2 2015, but is available to pre-order now at the Gaming Heads’ website. The regular version is limited to 750 units worldwide and costs $269.99.  The exclusive version, is limited to only 350 pieces and costs $299.99. 


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