‘The Invisible Man’: The Horror News Network Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

With the Coronavirus shutting down movie theaters and debilitating the box office, Universal and Blumhouse have decided to bring The Invisible Man into people’s homes via VOD. The film, which premiered in theaters February 28th of this year, raked in $29 million in its first weekend. While many fans, including myself, dread remakes, The Invisible Man is a very well-done update of Universal’s iconic 1933 film.

Starring Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia, the film centers around an abused woman who escapes her controlling husband, Adrian, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, only to find out he committed suicide shortly after, or has he? Needless to say, he does find his way back to her, and in the most menacing ways. The film plays on the eeriness that the invisible killer could be anywhere.  Besides the bloodshed, one of the stronger, more gut-wrenching aspects of The Invisible Man is the emotional torture. Whether Adrian is hacking her email, or drugging her, this “invisible” emotional abuse is just as shocking as his more brutal acts.

Even with a well-written updated storyline for the 21st century, Moss is without question the lynchpin of the film. Her raw performance of Cecilia is an emotional roller coaster and triumph. In a year promising many new horror releases, The Invisible Man is a worthy reboot of a Universal monster classic.

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