‘The Inhabitants’ – Review

by Lynn Sorel



 ‘The Inhabitants’ – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Rating: 8 out of 10



Synopsis:  Written and directed by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, screenwriters of JOHN CARPENTER’S THE WARD and produced by international bestselling author Glenn Cooper, THE INHABITANTS is a haunting ghost story involving a young couple that gets more than they bargained for when they renovate a neglected bed and breakfast in New England. After a series of disturbing events, the husband begins to suspect that something evil is lurking within the walls of this old house, and whatever it is has set its sights on his wife. Now he must fight to uncover the inn’s dark secret before this malicious spirit consumes everything he loves. 



Our Thoughts: ‘The Inhabitants’ is film about a haunting, filmed at the historic Noyes-Parris House (c. 1669) house, home of the witch trial children.



What struck me more than anything about this film, was the excellent directing. It’s filmed in a very effective style, and makes the most it’s tiny budget with creative direction. 



The story itself is creepy and pulls you in early on. It centers around a couple who buy a bed and breakfast of what is clearly a haunted house. It slows a bit, building story and suspense. Wife Jessica is alone for a few days while her husband is on a trip and attacked by whatever is present in the house. When he comes back, Dan realizes his wife is not quite herself. He finds a working surveillance system in the house and realizes that the history of their new home might be even more intriguing that they first thought.



The latter half of the film picks up the scares, with more action, and a better climax than ‘The Conjuring’. While I did like ‘The Conjuring’, I was disappointed by the end of it. I feel that ‘The Inhabitants’ does a few things that ‘The Conjuring’ did not, and ultimately gives the viewer a better story with a smaller budget. 



Elise Couture is outstanding as disturbed wife Jessica. Michael Reed is also excellent as confused husband Dan. This is the kind of story that stays with you and keeps you thinking well after it’s over.  If you enjoy a good ghost story, you’ll want to catch ‘The Inhabitants’!



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