The Iconic Orca From ‘Jaws’ Being Brought Back To Life

by Thomas Tuna

A new reclamation project on one of the most-recognizable elements of the classic 1975 Jaws film gives a whole new meaning to Roy Scheider’s famous ad-lib, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

The boat Scheider’s Martin Brody character was referring to, of course, was Orca–the fishing vessel captained by Robert Shaw’s irascible Quint character. As all fans of the Steven Spielberg masterwork know, Orca was destroyed by the meanest damn shark in film history at the end of the movie.

But now–thanks to the craftspeople who designed and built the legendary boat–she’s being resurrected, according to the official press release.

For the 45th anniversary of the Oscar-winning summer blockbuster, The Return of the Orca project is being spearheaded by Joe Alves–the production designer on Jaws–and Chris Crawford–who refitted the boat Warlock in a mere six weeks back in 1974, creating Orca for the film.

For this project, the new vessel–dubbed Orca III–will be reconstructed from a Nova Scotia lobster boat, the Lydia, that was discovered on the northern shore of Massachusetts.

When Orca III is seaworthy, she will be launched at a public christening ceremony at Martha’s Vineyard, the site where the original Orca sailed in the movie. Part of the boat’s new mission–instead of hunting a vengeful 25-foot great white–will be to research marine life and to help people understand various shark species around Martha’s Vineyard.

In addition, Beneath The Waves–a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ocean health–will use the restored vessel to plan expeditions for its researchers. Wendy Benchley, widow of Jaws author Peter Benchley, is a board member of Beneath The Waves. “The Return of the Orca is a celebration for the fans of Jaws,” she said, “as well as an exciting new resource in the pursuit of a greater understanding of our oceans and the life teeming in it.”

The project–which was years in the making–brings together Making The Monster and The Daily Jaws, two of the biggest names associated with the movie.

David Bigelow, principal of Making The Monster, said Orca III will have “a legendary team behind her and a mission that evolves her purpose in the world.” Ross Williams, principal of The Daily Jaws, added that the project is “hugely exciting. Everything about this incredible once-in-a-lifetime event is the best possible way to bring Orca back to the world and the waters of ‘Amity Island’.”

Keep reading Horror News Network for any future announcements regarding Orca III and the legacy of Jaws.

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