The ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew Explores ‘The Conjuring’ House in Two-Hour Halloween Special

by Nick Banks

Many people watch horror films on Halloween night.  Some opt for true tales of ghosts and demons via reality television programs.  This Halloween Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team are combining the two flavors into a frightening taste combination in the form of their new two-hour Halloween special Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse (airing at 9 p.m. on Halloween on the Travel Channel).

In an interview with The Las Vegas Review Journal, Bagans explained the lure of the location and that “Ed and Lorraine Warren had received so much attention because of the movies and Hollywood that I really wanted to get in there and see the other details that weren’t really portrayed in the Hollywood films. I know there’s truth to it, but at the same time, I wanted to do my own investigation in such an iconic and well-known case.”

Bagans and the teams chances improved when Cory and Jennifer Heinzen bought the farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, and allowed the group to investigate the property for their annual Halloween special.

The Ghost Adventures crew will be joined by demonologist brothers Carl and Keith Johnson (who were actually the first people that ever investigated the house) and former resident Andrea Perron for the special investigation. The Perron’s family experiences were the basis for James Wan’s original The Conjuring film.

Perron was the first person to bring attention to The Harrisville Farmhouse haunting with the release of her book House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story Volume One in 2011.  Perron recalls that the Warrens “…had the very best of intentions”, but “Lorraine told me 40 years later, ‘Ed and I were in over our heads as soon as we crossed the threshold. We just didn’t know it.’ ”

Without giving away too much of the evidence captured at the house, Bagans and friends claimed that a number of them were physically effected by the house, with investigator Aaron Goodwin stating that “I had to sit down, dude. It was either run or sit, because I was going down.  It was just weird energy. Not normal. Not like we’ve felt before.”

Bagans also felt “… extremely ill, very sick, for about three weeks after that.  I wasn’t myself, albeit I was on a long trip. There were things going on with me that just seemed out of the norm. It really, I believe, made me sick. I had anxiety and panic levels that were just so unusual. Just that feeling of sickness. I didn’t look like myself. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t wanna be around anybody. I never felt possessed, but I felt like something was drawing the life out of me.”

Despite the issues, Bagans felt a sense of accomplishment at getting to investigate the world famous location, saying that “While very scary, it was incredibly awesome, because it really proved to me that the stories of the Perrons were true, and there’s something there.”

Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse airs on Thursday at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

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