‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’ Will Be “Graphic And Violent”

by Thomas Tuna

Sounds like Mike Flanagan and Edgar Allan Poe will make a good team.

Flanagan’s upcoming eight-episode limited series The Fall of The House of Usher is not expected to hit Netflix until sometime next year, but the result may well be worth the wait.

The series–based on Poe’s classic 1839 short story–is being written, directed and produced by Flanagan, and is slated to wrap production next month. The impressive cast includes Carla Gugino, Carl Lumbly, Samantha Sloyan, Henry Thomas, T’Nia Miller, Kate Siegel, Bruce Greenwood and Rahul Kohli–who recently told comicbook.com that genre fans should expect the show to be a true horror experience.

Kohli said the series is “Mike Flanagan’s graphic novel…it’s colorful, loud and in-your-face. It’s so graphic and violent. It’s very different from what people have become accustomed to.”

Kate Siegel–Flanagan’s wife and longtime collaborator–backed up those sentiments. The actor agreed that the show is very different, and added that there will be “buckets of blood” and feature characters who are “turned up to 11.”

Plot details have been hard to come by, but the official logline says the series will feature “themes of madness, family, isolation and metaphysical identities.”

The show is narrated by a man who has been invited to visit his childhood friend, Roderick Usher–who “gradually makes clear that his twin sister Madeline has been placed in the family vault not quite dead. When she reappears in her blood-stained shroud, the visitor rushes to leave as the house splits and sinks into a lake.”

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