The Envy Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: MikePeluso

Writer: Erica J. Heflin
Artist: Rom Friere
Publisher: Aazurn Publishing
Release Date: July 2013

Synopsis: Young Danielle's world is forever shattered by David's beautiful and exotic new girlfriend. When men fall for her charms and Danielle's BFF becomes ill, she begins to wonder if there is something evil — even monstrous — going on.

Our Thoughts: If I can ask Erica J. Heflin, writer of “The Envy”, one question it would be: “Where have you been all my life?!” The breath of fresh air I received after reading this One-Shot more than filled this horror comic fan’s oxygen deprived lungs. The Envy to me is a refreshing ‘modern throwback’ to what originally made horror comics enjoyable many decades ago. Every page injected my brain a syringe-full dose of sinister nostalgia it would only receive from reading an early fifties issue of Tales from the Crypt.

I can’t say I’ve read many comics this generation that have brought me the kind of obscure joy that a pre- comic code book or an episode of sixties Twilight Zone would bring. And speaking of sixties Twilight Zone, Rom Friere’s black and white artwork only amplifies the classic horror/sci-fi feel The Envy gives to you. His illustrations of the female anatomy sure doesn’t hurt the draw Heflin’s story brings and I feel even adds to it a little eighties slasher sex appeal. The simplistic, campy feel I received from this comic book is a rare thing I get from today’s offerings. These elements usually do the same thing for me when combined together: They work.

Erica J. Heflin’s The Envy is a twenty first century incarnation of pure classic horror. She doesn’t hide her inspirations and in turn pays them great tribute. I hope in the future I can turn to more of her work to suppress my undying need of old school horror. Fredric Wertham will roll over in his grave this July with the release of The Envy, and I will appreciate this book even more because of it.

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