The Empty #1 Review

by Anna Rose Greenberg

By Anna Greenberg


The Empty #1


Writer: Jimmie Robinson

Artist: Jimmie Robinson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: February 11, 2015

Rating: 8 out of 10


Synopsis: Tanoor lives in an empty apocalyptic world of poison and decay. Her village is all that remains of humanity as they struggle against mutant beasts and rotting bones. But Tanoor finds a chance to save her people when a stranger drifts into town. A stranger armed with the power to grow life from death. A stranger who could change the world—if Tanoor can keep them alive in the deadly world of The Empty.


Our ThoughtsThe Empty is the latest in Image’s recent line of innovative post-apocalyptic titles, alongside works such as The Spread and Sheltered. In this opening issue we’re introduced to the basic state of the world (a place like and yet unlike Earth), as well as the stupendously tough Tannoor, hunter extraordinaire.


This is a very solid first issue, though it sometimes gets bogged down with exposition and unnecessary dialogue. There’s a lot of information, and it’s hard to take it all in. Characters expound on their back-stories, their current situation, and what actions they’re taking. Luckily, it’s interesting stuff. Jimmie Robinson has created a unique world populated by equally unique characters, and while they may be talkative the pace of the story is overall quite brisk.


Robinson’s art really makes the book. His character designs are truly unusual, and completely functional. Instead of opting for palette-swapped humans, he plays with proportions to create his different races. Then he displays how this helps them live in their environment and communities. His animal designs are also adorable. The colors pop and the characters pop (monsters in the face). Overall, the Empty is a solid and enjoyable book.

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