The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Vol 1 #2 preview

by Rob Caprilozzi

Story by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers Art by Chase Conley Cover by Brett Booth Harry`s been on the outs with his close friend and most important client, Lt. Karrin Murphy, for months. Now, she`s finally brought him back into the fold — to help her solve a series of brutal, bloody murders that appear to have been committed by a werewolf. But even as he begins his investigation, Harry`s problems are already piling up: there`s no shortage of suspects, and apparently, no shortage of werewolves in Chicago; the Chicago PD still looks at him with suspicion; and the FBI doesn`t trust him or Murphy. And his old “friend,“ mob boss Gentleman Johnny Marcone, is waiting for the right moment to enter the fray…

Check out the Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Vol 1 #2 preview.

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