‘The Devilers’ Interview With Joshua Hale Fialkov

by Rob Caprilozzi

When the world is under siege from the pits of hell, it’s up to the DEVILERS to set things right. Seven of the world’s greatest exorcists pit themselves against Satan’s army, and all of creation hangs in the balance. From the writer of THE BUNKER, THE ULTIMATES, and I, VAMPIRE comes a horror fueled adventure through hell itself.

We caught up with writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov, to talk about The Devilers.

Horror News Network: How did the concept for this book come about?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: It was something Nick and the gang at Dynamite had been trying to put together for a while, and I think when they found out I was available, it became a bit of a no brainer.  Doing a book that’s got a rich mythology but is totally accessible, and, is in the horror action genre has become a bit of a specialty for me.

Horror News Network: Can you tell us about each member of this team of exorcists?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Father Malcolm Reynolds is our main character, he’s a Catholic Priest, but, just barely.  He doesn’t like what the church stands for, and hates the way they manipulate people and abuse their power.  He’s also a bit of an amateur anti-demonologist when we meet him.  He knows all the inside crap about what’s really going on.

Rabbi Brenda Davide was israeli special forces, using her knowledge and abilities to seek out monsters both natural and un.  She’s a seer, able to divine whether things are human or demonic in nature.

Samir Patel is a tv celebrity known for a line of subpar self-help products who’s made a ton of success thanks to his amazing abilities to charm and manipulate, which, happen to have their root in his exorcism techniques. 

Raab Al-Fayed is a mullah who came into his powers after witnessing a mass shooting that he managed to prevent, with his own djinn to command that can combat the forces of evil.

Chun Bai was raised from the time she was a little girl to control nature and rebuild the world around her to save lives, but, sadly, being brought up with little to know love and support from the world around you does some serious damage to a person.

Cardinal Brian Reed is sort of the adviser of the group, and the last survivor of the LAST set of Devilers, who were swallowed up by hell as the book starts.

And then we have George Lieb who’s our skeptic.  He’s an investigative reporter for a cuckoo website all about conspiracy theories, who finds himself marching into hell, despite just being a regular guy who doesn’t believe in anything. 

I should add that while these are the heroes we start with, they won’t all be with us throughout, nor are they necessarily our actual seven heroes. 

Horror News Network: When it comes to comics there aren’t many books that deal directly with demon hunting. In my opinion some of the scariest comics to deal with this were written by Doug Moench in the “Haunt of Horror” series which followed Gabriel the Devil Hunter. Even though we were looking at exorcisms in a comic book, it delivered the same creepiness as watching a film such as The Exorcist. With that being said, do you plan on making this a book that will terrify readers or is it more like a team adventure book with lots of action?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Hopefully, a little bit of both.  Matt and I are both aspiring to figure out a way to do both and have it work on both levels.  I think thus far, we’re doing pretty well.

Horror News Network: Since this team of seven exorcists come from different religious backgrounds, can you talk about how you plan on balancing all of that?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: It’s a lot of work, but, I’ve had some experience balancing unwieldy teams in the past between ULTIMATES and ULTIMATE FF at Marvel and even the sprawling cast of I, VAMPIRE at DC.  The hope is that each character is more than just they religious beliefs, and, the threat they fight is more than just the traditional Judeo-Christian hell, so that we get a wide look at their religious backgrounds and who they are as people.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the creative team on the book?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Working with Matt Triano has been a dream.  He’s a tremendous storyteller and his devotion to detail is really tremendous.  He’s going to be a big star in very short order. Plus with Simon Bowland on letters and Mark Roberts on colors, you’ve got an amazingly talented team.  

Horror News Network: Is this book set to be an ongoing series?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: I think we’re planning on seven issues, but, if the response continues to be as great as it has been, then, we’ll keep on making it.  Only by pre-ordering and supporting the book can you make sure it’s here to stay.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to tell our readers about this book?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Check it out.  The book is like nothing else on the stands, and it’s a ton of fun. 

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time, Joshua! Best of luck with this series.

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