The Devil’s Dog Interview with Scott Youtsey

by Rob Caprilozzi

A mysterious driver in a Plymouth Barracuda (with the body of a young female hitchhiker in the trunk) passes through a small Oklahoma town in the Summer of 1969. But his evil nature is somehow sensed by a local resident who has the town staked out for himself. After a beastly attack, a demonic curse is passed on to the stranger and his full evil will finally be released in this dark tale of the supernatural by writer/artist Scott Youtsey.

We caught up with creator, Scott Youtsey to talk about Devil’s Dog.

Horror News Network: How did you come up with the concept for this tale?

Scott Youtsey: It has been something that I have had in the back of my mind for years. I have always been obsessed with the Werewolf genre and wanted to produce something that was more about a small group of characters in a single event versus what normally is portrayed as multiple gore candy events and the hunt for the Werewolf itself.

Horror News Network: Can you tell us a bit about the main characters in this book?

Scott Youtsey: There are 2 main players. The ultra nomadic werewolf and a female teenage nasty spirited personality. The way my mythology works is that werewolves are born then converted to the supernatural at a later time. Only inherently evil people have the capacity to carry the Devil’s gift of lycanthropy. My character starts off as a serial killer in the late 60’s and by supernatural design acquires the gift. In the larger picture he is drawn back to the area of his conversion (almost 20 years later) and encounters the girl.

Horror News Network: What can you tell us about this Oklahoma town?

Scott Youtsey: The town is damned. It is ambiguous as of why but there is this connection to werewolves. In the expanded dichotomy the bloodline traces back to Europe and the traders that made it to the Oklahoma territory. Later it pervades it’s way into the Native American population and lore. I see a select few that are aware of the town’s dark ties but the common knowledge is suppressed. As for the actual town I based the story into is Hominy Oklahoma. I grew up there and like anything write what you know. Certainly helped me see the big picture, characters, etc with much more ease.

Horror News Network: What can we expect from Devil’s Dog in terms of blood, guts and scares?

Scott Youtsey: Lots of blood but hopefully blood with purpose. One thing that is important for me is that when the gore starts it has value. I wanted there to be 1 main “event” and expand upon it instead of multiple situations that devalue the victims. Horror movies have a way of dismissing the terror of the victims by making them expendable and almost un-human. I would always think, “Man, if I was that bum being attacked in the alley it would seem like an eternity” even though the actual time passage was minuscule.

Horror News Network: Is this set to be a one-shot or a mini-series?

Scott Youtsey: It is slated for 3 books. Originally as I was organically laying it out I had the idea The Devil’s Dog would be 1 whole graphic novel but with so many pages it made more sense to break it apart. Lucky for me I had already broken it down into 3 key story segments which worked out well with a bit more content added.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more about you?

Scott Youtsey: I put a great deal of content on my face book page. Search: (Scott Youtsey Illustration) It is a good medium for analyzing feedback of how my work is received. I develop games as well and like to share my concept art for those projects. Here is an official plug! In any app store one can find “Zombie Blaster!” it has to have the “!” at the end. I did all the original design concept work.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Devil’s Dog?

Scott Youtsey: Well 1st I would say, “Buy It!” Secondly I hope they enjoy my take on a familiar subject matter. I truly am trying to create a different idea of what it means to be a werewolf and if someone is interested in that this may be the book for them.

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time, Scott! Best of luck with Devil’s Dog.

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