The CW To Bring Back ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ For Season Two

by Sean McLaughlin

Fans of long-form brevity can rejoice once again.  According to Deadline, the CW has announced that it is bringing back the anthology series Two Sentence Horror Stories for a second season.  At a time when horror-related shows are getting the ax (The Purge and Swamp Thing being the most recent casualties), an intriguing series renewal is certainly welcome news in this time of global uncertainty.

Two Sentence Horror Stories began its run in digital form as five mini-episodes on the Verizon mobile app go90 back in 2017.  The following October, the show was picked up by CW’s streaming app, the CW Seed, before officially debuting in full-episode form on the network itself on August 8, 2019.  So technically this upcoming season could be considered the third, but the series went from digital shorts to 30-minute episodes between 2017 and 2019.

The show, created and directed by Vera Miao (2013’s Best Friends Forever), puts a haunting and terror-filled spin on digital-age subject matter in a similar vein to the brilliant Black Mirror.  Each episode is based on horror stories from fans, which consist of only two sentences.  So, it’s not just a clever name but also a unique premise.  As technology continues to control our actions and virtual destinies, the human experience, though altered, remains an uncertain and primal ride of which we are sometimes reluctant passengers.  Though starring a different cast for each story, TSHS has featured talent such as Bobby Naderi (AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead), Nicole Kang (You), and Tara Westwood (2020’s The Grudge.)

The second full season of Two Sentence Horror Stories will return to the small screen in the “fourth quarter” of this year (most like in October, though that has not been confirmed.)  New episodes will air on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Stay tuned to HNN for more news on Two Sentence Horror Stories on the CW as it breaks!

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